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What I was doing March 6th 2024

My now page

Updated March 6th, 2024, from a trip to Trondheim.

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Resetting between jobs

I’m currently having a week between jobs to reset to avoid bringing bad patterns with me to my next job. Spending my time being with friends and doing things I enjoy, as well as reflecting on what I want from my next job and what I want from myself in my next job.

Writing a manual for how to work with me

Inspired by Working with Claire: an unauthorized guide

With some help from chatGPT to fill it out by having it ask questions.

Working with Dag Frode

Setting up this website

Starting fresh with this website basing on my previous website. Want to keep my previous content but, set this site up and transfer what makes sence. The goal of this site is to share what I create, share my ideas, and act as a platform for share yhe ideas I’m working on as articles, and as presentation, as well as a series of webtools.

Preparing for submiting CFP

I’m spending some time thinking about what I would like to talk about at some upcomming conferences. I would like to talk at at least one conferance this year and would very much like to to an international conferance.

Current talk ideas: